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So, Why Create a Mac Sparrow Facebook Page?

This is a joint that should actually go on my About page, and it might soon, but i wanted to create something separate. Several reasons: Notifications — it was getting increasingly difficult to better keep track of notifications from mobile or desktop, especially since clicking “all notifications” caps it at 100, (the hovering notification area was inefficient) which is useless to me when i will have at any given time 80 notifications… (continue reading)

Mac Sparrow - Arms over head

I was Banned Because of the new Facebook “Real Name” Policy

F!ck Facebook. Straight up. I’ve been a loyal-as-hell user and promoter-of-sorts for over 10 years. I joined in October of 2004 during the halcyon days of college student-only thangs. I wish they had a tsu-esque advertisement model all these years, especially the past one. Man. I’d have some sizeable money coming to me since i regularly get 300-500 daily total likes and shares from my posts. No… (continue reading)

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ESPN + the Web = Cable’s Death Throes

Boo-yow! (Shout out to the late, great Stuart Scott.) Think about this: using your iPad or Windows tablet, smartphone or Macbook Air, you can stream live ESPN content and sports matches or games from that coffee shop with the hot barista; at the laundromat for the last-minute unmentionables washing; or during Intro to Philosophy, which cuts into Monday Night Football without worrying about missing any snap… (continue reading)

Logos of ESPN, Sling, Dish Network

Scarlett Johansson Steals Starring Role in Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell is getting the live-action treatment, according to Variety, and its lead is bankable starlet Scarlett Johansson! Sex, cyberpunk, and hacking–sign me up, please. The anime geek in me is stoked at getting more in the franchise 20 years after the original animated film. But the Black and Asian pride in me are taking a hit. Another character turned White. I am disappointed–heck,… (continue reading)

Side by side image of Scarlett Johansson and Motoko Kusanagi
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RT @Bosslogic: Farewell! - Last tribute piece, was my initial idea to do something like this from the start, this one took a bit more time…
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RT @dhh: It’s utterly unbecoming to see Amazon extract such blatant loot from HQ2 cities. Why the fuck does Amazon need government handouts…