ESPN + the Web = Cable’s Death Throes

Boo-yow! (Shout out to the late, great Stuart Scott.)

Think about this: using your iPad or Windows tablet, smartphone or Macbook Air, you can stream live ESPN content and sports matches or games from that coffee shop with the hot barista; at the laundromat for the last-minute unmentionables washing; or during Intro to Philosophy, which cuts into Monday Night Football without worrying about missing any snap as you walk to the bar afterwards.

Thank you, Dish. I’ve been waiting for this for a few years: to be released “soon” at $20 per month, Sling will allow you to watch ESPN’s live content via a web browser. This also includes CNN, the Food Channel, and the Travel Channel, with other assorted channels added for some as-yet-to-be-told fees.

For me, this is a godsend. I have no reason to ever contemplate getting cable again–all i was lacking was a(n easy) way to watch live sports and SportsCenter.

Already i subscribe to Hulu Plus ($8/monthly), Netflix ($8/monthly), and i’m a loyal Amazon Prime member ($100/year; $8.33/month). These supply me with movies, older TV shows’ full seasons, and current TV shows, which even if i gotta wait 24 hours per new episode don’t bother me since i watch so many shows at once, i’m constantly in a phase of catch-up. All of this for about half the price i would pay for a crappy basic cable package.

With the prices above, i’m currently paying about $24 per month for TV and film, which is nominal and won’t break the bank once the $20 for ESPN et al is added. I’m still paying less than $50 a month for everything* i want. Looking up Cox cable right now (no Internet or Phone service), a comparable package is priced at $75.99. Yes, they have their 3-month and 1st-year deals that are $25-$50 cheaper, but they don’t last forever and typically have annual bumps in prices.

Ahh. I’m excited. As you should be, too. Cut the cable. It’s superfluous. Join us.

*I would like HBO’s upcoming service, but no price has been listed yet, and i cannot see myself paying > $8 a month for the only HBO show i care about, Game of Thrones.

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