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I was Banned Because of the new Facebook “Real Name” Policy

F!ck Facebook. Straight up. I’ve been a loyal-as-hell user and promoter-of-sorts for over 10 years. I joined in October of 2004 during the halcyon days of college student-only thangs. I wish they had a tsu-esque advertisement model all these years, especially the past one. Man. I’d have some sizeable money coming to me since i regularly get 300-500 daily total likes and shares from my posts. No… (continue reading)

Chain over Facebook logo
— @CaptMacSparrow:
Lmao wtf cares about the Clippers? https://t.co/3V3plOtvgA
— @CaptMacSparrow:
Look at that! Finally reporting positive things we're doing lol. "Younger couples are approaching relationships ver… https://t.co/w3jovV56eC