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ESPN + the Web = Cable’s Death Throes

Boo-yow! (Shout out to the late, great Stuart Scott.) Think about this: using your iPad or Windows tablet, smartphone or Macbook Air, you can stream live ESPN content and sports matches or games from that coffee shop with the hot barista; at the laundromat for the last-minute unmentionables washing; or during Intro to Philosophy, which cuts into Monday Night Football without worrying about missing any snap… (continue reading)

Logos of ESPN, Sling, Dish Network
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Gonna be another blowout. The Celtics look like a college basketball team out there versus the Cavs right now. Smdh… https://t.co/EjN5T1WHQV
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RT @jillybobww: WOMAN ON TWITTER: Another story of a man who killed b/c women rejected him. And you wonder why we're angry & afraid. MAN O…