Mac Sparrow - Arms over head

Welcome, welcome. Below will be the why, what, and who of


If ya had a chance to peer at the logo at the top of the home page or at the footer of every other page, you can see from the No Time For Negativity part, this site is all about “enriching your life digitally, socially, and intellectually”. NTFN was born around ’07. I never launched publicly my original site. I wasn’t sure i had an audience out there somewhere. I knew i wanted to write about everything, from technology to social topics that i was privy to more than folks around me, but i lacked the confidence to do it, and, honestly, to have the motivation to do it consistently and for a prolonged time.

That’s all changed.

My Facebook “celebrity,” as a friend and i (tongue-in-cheek) dubbed we are,  has come to a crescendo, i believe, and i must strike while the proverbial iron is hot! And that iron hasn’t been hotter than after warming up the past five months with the racial turmoil, the social angst, and entertainment rearing its ugly (Western) master’s head.  This strike comes from a signal that it’s time to launch my own platform to work in conjunction with the social network Goliath out there: Facebook.

I had to scrap my original intro after my Facebook purgatory run-in. In case you don’t know, i was flagged for not having a “legit” name (my middle name when this started was ‘BlackLivesmatter’), and then after i reverted to an old name i had used for about two or three years, i was flagged and banned, but this time having to send them proof of my “real identity” via a form of real-world, legit ID. Just ridiculous.

As a loyal Facebook user since Oct 2004, back in the halcyon college student-only days, i was aggravated, angry, and knew it was time to switch gears: most of my posting will be through here and my other websites, only posting to Facebook for my audience, utilizing its commenting platform for discussions. But, the main focus now is to write original posts and commentary on the world; then having the folks from Facebook and other media come here. Easy peasy.


All of my posts will be written to inform in some way. I’m all about my recently created and oft-used phrase, “edification and dissemination of information” more than anything probably in my life. Wait, that’s a lie. Learning and the acquisition of it are my most defining actions and process.

Often folks have come to me over the years asking for my insight on a technology or gadget, thoughts on a current situation, a book to read or course to take, and other random things. I figured if one or two people ask similar things, there may be others out there with the same questions. There’s a possible audience. So, yeah. That’s what’ll be here.


Sparrow, Capt. Mac Sparrow. I was dubbed this maybe seven years ago by my frat brother Jake–who we call “Robin Thicke frat” since he resembles the R&B crooner and is also White. Anyway, i’m just a regular guy who likes to learn, party a little too much, and to present information to the masses and my close circle all the same.

[Note: thanks to Tomas Toman for the theme i used — MaryAnne — as a base for the site. As a fellow designer & web developer, especially of WordPress themes, i had to make sure i shouted out the work. I modified the hell outta it to fit my full needs lol. Cheers.]