So, Why Create a Mac Sparrow Facebook Page?

This is a joint that should actually go on my About page, and it might soon, but i wanted to create something separate.
Several reasons:
  • Notifications — it was getting increasingly difficult to better keep track of notifications from mobile or desktop, especially since clicking “all notifications” caps it at 100, (the hovering notification area was inefficient) which is useless to me when i will have at any given time 80 notifications if i don’t post for an hour or two
  • Tracking metrics — by my rough estimates, i was getting at least 300-500 notifications (comments, likes, shares) of my posts daily, and i couldn’t be sure.
  • Corralling new friend requests — over the past few weeks i’ve had more friend requests because of my volume of posts and whatnot. Not necessarily a problem,” but the more friends i have, the more i gotta filter out the feed. A few folks, though, have been awesome contributors, awesome people i’ve plucked some great stuff from and shared, or with whom i’ve had positive, progressive conversations. (Miss Riley, you’re one of them.)
  • Monetization — sorta. I started to write longer-form joints with each post and i believe they’re best served on my standalone site (or page). Hey, if Facebook is going to be getting all this traffic and ad money, i need to get on that ish, too.
  • Separate personal from public — i am who i am, that’s not going to change. Yet, with the stuff going on the past five months getting everyone’s attention, i’ve been compelled and felt it a disservice if i didn’t post publicly. With that said, i was getting too many –ists on my personal page: sexists, racists, bigots, misogynists, etc. Not cool. So, this is a way for me to even more so tighten up what i’m contributing on social media platforms.

I was Banned Because of the new Facebook “Real Name” Policy

F!ck Facebook. Straight up.

I’ve been a loyal-as-hell user and promoter-of-sorts for over 10 years. I joined in October of 2004 during the halcyon days of college student-only thangs. I wish they had a tsu-esque advertisement model all these years, especially the past one.

Man. I’d have some sizeable money coming to me since i regularly get 300-500 daily total likes and shares from my posts. No money sent my way from all those ads. All theirs.

Anyway, i changed my middle name to “BlackLivesmatter” about two months ago and the warnings about name changes commenced. I was able to bypass the warnings and continue on my merry way posting publicly about the fuckshit of the world until last week. I was signed out of my account on all devices and told i had to change my name; so i reverted it to an old one i used for a few years and that was fine until today. I posted a few links and some thoughts this morning, and outta literally NO WHERE, i couldn’t post more because of a process they’re now actively using. Right.

So, Facebook, y’all want me to produce a photo of my ID. Really? Wow. I’ve been against being “in the system” for my whole life. Your reassurances that all will be deleted from y’all’s system upon the “case” being closed don’t give me a ton of confidence.

I have (or had) a list of “friends” with names that weren’t “real names” counting, easily, in the 100s. But, i was tagged and bagged. Hmm. If my page ever gets reinstated, just peer at my public posts or the joints that are “friends of friends,” and you’ll understand that i have what’s known as ‘reach’.


No worries. I got people in my personal network. I have Twitter, too. We’re gonna voice this fuckery in a bit.

[2015.01.06 – Update: So earlier this morning, the Beast gave me the keys to my shackles, as well as a veiled warning of future purgatory if i disobey (again).

Macario James Facebook Reinstatement Email

My wonderful reinstatement email with the veiled warning. Blurred out the links related to my ‘case’.

Shaking. My. Damn. Head.

I was also greeted to an awesome text informing me that my boy Divino DeNegro (@DDeNegro) was banned this morning, too. Hmm. Fuckery continues.

Speaking to @Projones22, we are in agreement that our bans in light of our barrage of truth-telling boisterousness especially over the past six months regarding racism, social inequality, police brutality, and politics are too aligned to be coincidental. Throw in our (relatively) large following/friends lists, and it all paints a pretty fucked-up picture.

New Age COINTELPRO. For fucking real, y’all.

And don’t get it twisted: i am not puffing up my chest believing some grandiose notion that i am a Black Panther-level voice in the 60s. This is not that time, not the same type of fight; it’s that some of the tactics employed below the surface and behind the scenes smell similar.

Aight, i’m out. Gotta continue working on this site and decide when i’m gonna unlock these Facebook manacles.]

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ESPN + the Web = Cable’s Death Throes

Boo-yow! (Shout out to the late, great Stuart Scott.)

Think about this: using your iPad or Windows tablet, smartphone or Macbook Air, you can stream live ESPN content and sports matches or games from that coffee shop with the hot barista; at the laundromat for the last-minute unmentionables washing; or during Intro to Philosophy, which cuts into Monday Night Football without worrying about missing any snap as you walk to the bar afterwards.

Thank you, Dish. I’ve been waiting for this for a few years: to be released “soon” at $20 per month, Sling will allow you to watch ESPN’s live content via a web browser. This also includes CNN, the Food Channel, and the Travel Channel, with other assorted channels added for some as-yet-to-be-told fees.

For me, this is a godsend. I have no reason to ever contemplate getting cable again–all i was lacking was a(n easy) way to watch live sports and SportsCenter.

Already i subscribe to Hulu Plus ($8/monthly), Netflix ($8/monthly), and i’m a loyal Amazon Prime member ($100/year; $8.33/month). These supply me with movies, older TV shows’ full seasons, and current TV shows, which even if i gotta wait 24 hours per new episode don’t bother me since i watch so many shows at once, i’m constantly in a phase of catch-up. All of this for about half the price i would pay for a crappy basic cable package.

With the prices above, i’m currently paying about $24 per month for TV and film, which is nominal and won’t break the bank once the $20 for ESPN et al is added. I’m still paying less than $50 a month for everything* i want. Looking up Cox cable right now (no Internet or Phone service), a comparable package is priced at $75.99. Yes, they have their 3-month and 1st-year deals that are $25-$50 cheaper, but they don’t last forever and typically have annual bumps in prices.

Ahh. I’m excited. As you should be, too. Cut the cable. It’s superfluous. Join us.

*I would like HBO’s upcoming service, but no price has been listed yet, and i cannot see myself paying > $8 a month for the only HBO show i care about, Game of Thrones.

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Scarlett Johansson Steals Starring Role in Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell is getting the live-action treatment, according to Variety, and its lead is bankable starlet Scarlett Johansson! Sex, cyberpunk, and hacking–sign me up, please.

The anime geek in me is stoked at getting more in the franchise 20 years after the original animated film. But the Black and Asian pride in me are taking a hit. Another character turned White.

I am disappointed–heck, even a tad bit angry–but not surprised since it’s Hollywood. They Whitewash everything. Character’s supposed to be a bad-ass Japanese hacker named Motoko Kusanagi? Let’s cast a White New Yorker instead. The more i think about it the more it irks me. There is already a dearth of mainstream characters of colour in Hollywood, heck in any mainstream entertainment, and when a popular anime/manga series is approved for live-action, the lead is Whitewashed. Fair-skinned Asian character or historical person? You can (and most certainly will) be transformed into a Caucasian. They tried to do that to another beloved anime, Akira, but George Takei made sure it never happened.

I get Johansson’s latest action flick Lucy was a box office success and audiences love her portrayal of Black Widow in the Avengers movies so they want to capitalize on her appeal and prior success, but come on! Give a Japanese actress a shot to lead this franchise. Hell, i would be content with any Asian actress to star over Johansson. Hopefully and unfortunately the consolation prize will be casting Kusanagi’s squad like a United Colors of Benetton ad.

Being one helluva actress and beautiful (a combo which makes me swoon), plus it’s Ghost in the Shell, i’m sure i’ll watch the movie. And i’m even more sure i won’t be supporting at the theaters, though. I rarely go. Maybe twice a year at most.

I’ll take a live action Ghost in the Shell as a win. Just not won in the way i would have liked. Sigh.

[Update: 2018.11.12 – Never saw it. As it approached, became more irked by it. I refuse to watch any egregious whitewashed movie.]

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